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Professional SEO Services That Truely Deliver.

SEO Practices India


SEO - The fancy tech term makes most of the web owners wonder what to do with it.  What is SEO, How it works & how you can yield success from it. All the answers to these question leads you to either learning SEO or hiring and expert. We recommend learning it, as it will be a great skill up your sleeve. If its not your cup of tea, We are at your service. Protonike eliminates guess work in our SEO strategy with experience and custom tailored implementations providing impeccable results.

SEO for Protonike is Data driven, & systematic  and we do whats best for your business. By opting Protonike's Professional SEO Services, rising high up in the search rankings would be assured. We Provide Local SEO, Global SEO, Ecommerce SEO, B2b SEO, Wix SEO and more as needed by you.

How Do SEO Packages Help Your Business Grow?

Search Engine Optimisation is the technique that helps search engines find your website among million other websites and rank them higher.
SEO Service Packages uplifts the profile of your business, by placing you in direct contact with your target audience. This way, each time a person looks for something relevant to your service , your business will appear up the list.
Many companies are already using SEO Packages to enhance their online visibility, so creating a solid SEO strategy will aid you stay ahead of your competition.
Our relevant keyword research, content development, and professional strategies will assist you in growing your business and appear in front of the targeted audience. Professional SEO services are prominent in driving targeted traffic to your website fast pacing the growth of the business.

Local SEO

The brick and mortar stores ​require digital presence as well. Local SEO facilitates them to be visible on search results for their location and bring sales to their physical store along with the website. 

Local SEO is all about localizing the website content to a  specific location, which drive customers  from the targeted area to the website. 

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Local SEO India
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Global SEO

Protonike thrives to bring SEO success to our clients around the globe. We have aligned a strong system, where enterprises are all set to achieve global success in organic search results.


Global SEO services of Protonike is powered by accurate rank, metrics tracking & deep sources of data to create relevant - trending keywords.

Global SEO India

Ecommerce SEO Services

New to Ecommerce Business?  We have Got You Covered. To beat the competition in the market and drive high volume sales, we offer Ecommerce SEO Services

Complementing SEO with Digital Marketing strategy can deliver high Return Of Investment (ROI).

We provide :

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing (Google Ads, Facebook Ads.)

  • Social Media Marketing.

  • Social Media Optimization.

  • Social media strategy guidance (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)

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Ecommerce SEO India

Enterprise SEO

SEO for small and medium business are important by all means but they have budget limitations. They can afford to take a fast approach toward specific tasks and diverse platforms. But enterprise or large-scale companies differ from them because their SEO requirements like traffic flow, and budget are on the higher side. For such enterprises, an enterprise-level SEO solution that combines the utility of multiple SEO tools into one is ideal. 

An enterprise SEO solution explores business goals of the business entity with the broader market opportunity while strengthening brand reputation to maximize impact across the market.

Enterprise SEO India

SEO Packages

Pricing Plans That Fits Every Business Goals

SEO Packages India
Get Started With The Right SEO Strategy
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