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List Of The Top Jewellery Blogs In India | Protonike

Are you a jewellery connoisseur trying to remain ahead of the trend curve and make a style statement? There is no need to look any further! We've compiled a list of the top jewellery blogs in India, all of them are authored and managed by well-known jewellery bloggers. This post is your go-to resource for the latest trends and ideas, whether you're enthusiastic about establishing your own jewellery blog or simply looking for inspiration for your next jewellery buy.

What exactly is a jewellery blog?

A jewellery blog is a personal platform dedicated to anything jewellery. These blogs give a wealth of information, ranging from presenting the current trends and designs to digging into price, availability, and shop data. Also, they frequently broaden their boundaries to cover issues such as beauty, celebrity lifestyles, influencer marketing efforts, and fashion industry news. If you're thinking about beginning your jewellery blog, you'll discover helpful advice and insights here.

List Of Top Jewellery Blogs In India

Let's start with the best blogs in Indian jewellery blogging:

Gahena India

Gahena India distinguishes itself with an unusual assortment of jewels that has been compared to handmade chocolates - precious and stylish. Whether you want to update your professional appearance or shine at a wedding, this blog has many style suggestions.

South Indian Jewels explores the best and latest trends in Indian jewellery. To get the latest updates on Gold jewellery, silver jewellery, diamond jewellery, artificial jewellery, and more, tune into South Indian Jewels. They provide delightful and fashionable insights into traditional south Indian jewellery designs, contemporary jewellery fashion, and almost all things Indian jewellery. In a quest for your wedding jewellery designs, South Indian Jewels is your place.


Candere's site is a treasure mine of one-of-a-kind jewelry-wearing inspiration. If you like coloured diamonds or need purchasing guidance, their articles can help. Furthermore, they provide wonderful insights into gifts for specific occasions. The Kalyan Jewellery website provides gold jewellery along with insights into jewellery care and more.

Hazoorilal Jewellers

Hazoorilal Narang's brand has over 68 years of expertise in the world of exquisite jewels. Their blog offers information about traditional jewellery items as well as an exclusive assortment of gold, diamond, and polki jewellery.

Krishna Jewellers Blog

Krishna Jewellery's blog is a great resource for people looking learn about traditional gold jewellery designs and more. Discover more about traditions, old jewellery designs and heirlooms and more on Krishna jewellery.

Shaadisaga Or Wedding Bazaar

If you love wedding fashion, Shaadisaga is a treasure. They discuss ancestral jewels for vintage brides and provide professional tips on how to boost your style statement for your special day. Shaadisaga is now Wedding Bazaar.


Caratlane throws light on fashionable and minimalistic gold and silver jewellery designs that a modern woman would cherish as daily wear. The blog section of Caratlane is rich with tips to buy gold and diamond jewellery online. If you are into minimalistic jewellery visit the Caratlane blog once, you might like it.


The wedding jewellery blog is a treasury of trending bridal jewellery designs. From bridal gold jewellery designs to eclectic diamond jewellery for wedding designs are showcased on the blog.

If you are in search of bridal jewellery and wedding needs, this is the blog youmust explore.

Final Note

With the top jewellery blogs in India, you can up your style game and keep on top of jewellery trends. Whether you're a jewellery connoisseur or want to start your own blog, these sites will provide you with a lot of information and inspiration. Don't forget to follow the top jewellery bloggers for the most recent trends and styling tips. Your journey into the world of jewellery starts right here!


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