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Ingredients every website should have 2021

Updated: Jun 7

Every website ought to have certain ingredients to be successful. Implementing a proper recipe can guide your business to new heights. While every business is unique, there are a few things you should always plan in 2021.

  • Clearly define your company

  • Choose a simple URL

  • Use SSL certificate

  • Necessary call to action

  • Colour selection

  • Integrate social media

  • Display customer testimonials

Clearly define your company.

Good company description can get the readers attention and trust. State all the specifics regarding your company.

Choose simple URL

Choose a website address that is easy to remember and type in a web browser. Selecting a niche friendly URL also can play a part in the promotion of your website.

Use SSL certificate

If your website doesn't have SSL, it would be shown as 'not secure' which in turn may have a negative impact on your website. A website without an SSL certificate is labelled as 'unsecured' while a visitor tries to visit the website.

Insert call to action

Try to include several calls to action, you may include it in the header, main body and footer.

Colour selection

Choosing the right colours for your website design is crucial for online success. Colours can be your most powerful tool to gain a reaction from your targeted audience. Always stick to two-three colour combinations.

Integrate social media

Adding social media links to your website can increase trust among visitors. Interaction with the targeted audience become feasible as well.

Customer testimonials

Testimonials help potential customers to know you better, thereby easing up the conversion. Each testimonial is proof of your work.

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