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How To Give User Access To Google Console | Protonike

Google Search Console is where you can resolve the errors, do site adjustments and do manual search engine submissions for your website. It can be considered as a mouth of google search engine. Here we are exploring how to give a third party user (like a marketing expert or SEO expert) access to your google console account without giving them your password. A step by step guide to add users to your google console account.

You can give access to users in two modes;

1. A Full access where the user can view and edit the account.

2. Restricted access, where the user will have only access to view the data.

Here we go;

1. Open Google Search Console account and click on 'admin' section

2. Click ‘Settings’ down left side.

3. Inside property settings, Click on ‘Users and permissions’ to add the new user.

4. Here, You can see the emails listed down who has access to your account, including yours. Click ‘Add new user’ on the right side top section

5. A pop up will come up where you can 'Enter' the email address you want to give access to. Make sure it is a gmail account.

6. Select ‘Full’/ 'Restricted' under the permission drop down. Google has different account roles so you can give different permissions to the users

It can be either Full Access or Restricted Access.

7. Click ‘Add’.

Here you have given access to a full user.

Now, the email address you have given access to will show in the list of users who have access to that website’s Google Search Console Account. This is how you give a user access to your google console account.