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Types of eCommerce | An Overview.

E-commerce (electronic commerce) refers to transactions made through the internet. Each time a buying or selling of products and services happens online, it's e-commerce. The term e-commerce refers to other activities including online auctions, internet banking, payment gateways, and online ticketing.

The major different types of e-commerce are: 

  • Business-to-business (B2B); 

  • Business-to-consumer (B2C); 

  • Business-to-government (B2G); 

  • Consumer-to-consumer (C2C); 

  • Mobile commerce (m-commerce)

What is B2B e-commerce? 

B2B e-commerce is simply defined as e-commerce between companies. This is the type of e-commerce that deals with relationships between and among businesses. About 80% of e-commerce is of this type, and most experts predict that B2B e-commerce will continue to grow faster than the B2C segment What is B2C e-commerce?

Business-to-consumer e-commerce, or commerce between companies and consumers, involves customers gathering information; purchasing physical goods (i.e., tangibles such as books or consumer products) or information goods (or goods of electronic material or digitized content, such as software, or e-books); and, for information goods, receiving products over an electronic network. What is C2C e-commerce?

Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce or C2C is simply commerce between private individuals or consumers. This type of e-commerce is characterized by the growth of electronic marketplaces and online auctions, particularly in vertical industries where firms/businesses can bid for what they want from among multiple suppliers.16 It perhaps has the greatest potential for developing new markets. What is m-commerce?

M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless technology-i.e., smartphones. Japan is seen as a global leader in m-commerce. As content delivery over wireless devices becomes faster, more secure, and scalable, some believe that m-commerce will surpass wireline e-commerce as the method of choice for digital commerce transactions. This may well be true for the Asia-Pacific where there are more mobile phone users than there are Internet users. Nowadays almost 70% of web traffic is through mobile devices.

E-commerce is the future. Getting on board with business can help in prolonged success.

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