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So you want to be a blogger! Blogging is a responsibility you can embrace and mix with a passion to make some money. Its' not hard if you are dedicated enough or disciplined. In a month of regular blogging, you will fall into the routine, then all are rainbows and sunshine right! Actually No! Starting a blog is just a point of start. Many hitches will pass and the more you consider this as a lifestyle the better you prevail.

Alright then, let's get to the process. You can see step by step process to start a blog here. Get ready for a roller coaster ride! (just saying) Starting a blog is not a complicated process. But if you are not at all familiar with the blogging world, the terms can be overwhelming. No worries! We are in for a detailed guide here.

  1. Decide your category/Niche. - Getting started.

  2. Find a domain. - This is your blog’s permanent address on the Internet

  3. Hosting. - This is the engine that actually powers your blog

  4. Install WordPress - This is the best platform for creating a blog

  5. Start writing. - The fun part.

1. Decide your Niche.

Deciding a category of topics on which you would be writing about, is pretty important. Why can't you write on every topic under the sun on your blog? You can! If you are not interested in ranking your blog. A niche or category of the topic helps the readers of that niche come to your blog in the future. So now you can decide your niche. Keep in mind, not all niche are traffic (readers) driving. Here are some performing niches. Cross-check which of these are good for you as per your skills and thought process. Do research more on successful niches in google. There are many blogs available on the topic. The simple solution is finding the sweet spot of convergence between skills, passion, and profit.

  • Personal Finance

  • Business

  • Technology

  • Interior design

  • Money

  • Online business

  • Investing

  • Productivity

  • Real estate

  • Fitness

These are some of the popular categories that always do well. 2. Decide your domain.

As we have decided on the niche, now its time for the domain. The domain is the URL of your blog. www.example.com here, example.com is the domain. You can decide and purchase the domain matching your category/niche. To purchase a domain, you have to go to the domain registrar. Keep searching for the desired domain name. In India '.in' the domain works better than others. If you are planning for an international blog, you can go for '.com' or any other as well. This is a vast topic of discussion which we will be doing later. To purchase a domain you can go to websites like bigrock, Namecheap, etc and follow the instructions given in the sites to make the purchase.

3. Hosting.

The domain is just an address for your blog. You have to park it somewhere for the blog to be born. There are many web hosting companies run in the market. We recommend Bluehost. They are one of the best in the market with better service.

Purchase hosting for your domain and link it, we are almost done. The linking can be done easily using the instructions on the hosting site. 4. Install WordPress. Blog designing is nowadays done using software tools. All most 80% of the blogs are designed using WordPress. It's best for blogging. So join in and get your blog ready by following the instructions. Add some word press plugins to make the journey easier.

5. Start writing

The journey begins here. The more quality content you write, the better your chances are to be a successful blogger. Millions of bloggers are out there, to stand out, bring a unique perspective, and try to create awesome content that actually helps your target readers. You’re going to build a great foundation for a successful blog that way.

Keep writing consistently. Never quit. Your moon will rise soon.

Wrapping up, let me tell you. Some of the above things might have made you overwhelmed. Worry not! Once you feel confident with the basics of blogging, all shall be fine. But now, Congratulate yourself on a job well done because you had the sagacity to do something awesome, Start a blog!

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