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Social media marketing is the process of gaining awareness, driving traffic, and engaging your customers and prospects using social media channels. To know more on different channels of social media and benefits click here.

Uses For Social Media Marketing

• Connecting and engaging with customers  • Building a reputation, increasing recognition or improving brand awareness  • Generating leads or sales opportunities  • Increasing event traffic  • Reaching new prospects or buyers  • Positioning company as an authority  • Improving customer service with additional communication outlets.

Questions to ask before you start

1. Does my target audience use social media? Which channels?  2. What’s being posted about my industry, competitors, company or products?  3. How are my competitors using social media and is it effective?  4. What are my biggest opportunities with social media?  5. What do I want to get out of social media that I can’t get elsewhere?

Many organizations just assume customers are using social media channels. Before you jump in with both feet, stop, and consider how social media will work for your business goals.  • Evaluate how your target audience is using social media and whether there is an opportunity to reach your audience through a particular social channel.  • Establish a strategy and goals for your social marketing program.  • Determine which channels to start with first – experts often recommend starting with 1 or 2 channels.

According to a recent survey, 86% of event marketers are using social media to promote their business. Of that 82%, nearly 80% find the channel extremely or somewhat effective.

Key factors to consider while promoting business through social channels

• Share the best content – make sure you craft a compelling story  • Contest – run a special contest for social users • Use the hashtags to become a part of the larger discussion  • Create a video people will share

Misconception: Social Marketing Is Free.

It is a clear misconception that social marketing is free. To have an effective social marketing program, you will need manpower to manage, research, post, and measure social media efforts. Many large companies hire a full-time person or team of people responsible for social media efforts. However, many companies can’t afford a full-time person, and social marketing may fall on a group of people who can divide and conquer the tasks.

Managing your social media presence requires dedicated effort. It's definitely a serious factor when it comes to your business online. The ideal thing to do for small to medium business enterprises is to focus more on social media and learn its strategies by themselves to cut down professional management costs.

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