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Basic SEO Tips For Small Business Websites in 2022 | Protonike

Updated: Apr 21

It has always been a tough task to get a new website ranked, but there are few things that if you keep in mind you can increase your website traffic.

The world of SEO is ever changing. The rules and SEO tips for small business websites that helped you this year might not be applicable next year. To stay on top of the search results, you need to adapt constantly and improvise.

By optimizing a web page around topics, then keywords within that topic, you can increase your expertise in the eyes of a search engine and rank well for long-tail keywords related to that topic.

In this post, we’ve noted down the some Basic SEO tips for small business websites in 2022 to help you improve your rankings and boost your number of monthly visitors from organic search.

Editor's note: The post was originally published on July 22, 2020 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Basic SEO tips fot small business websites in 2022
Basic SEO tips fot small business websites

What are some of basic tips to keep in mind when you create an SEO optimized website?

Let's have a look;

Table of content:

​User Experience.


​On-page optimization

​Relevant Content


User Experience

Basic SEO tips fot small business websites in 2022
User Experience in Search engine optimization

User experience of a website is one of the core factors by which search engine crawlers rank a website. Imagine, if visitors cannot navigate through the page effortlessly, they get frustrated and leave the website. Small businesses catering to increase online conversion or lead generation should keep this basic SEO tip for small business in mind while optimizing their website

Search engine is looking from users point of view. The ultimate aim of SEO is to provide value to the vistors who browse through search results.

  • The website should be designed according to the users' point of view. This makes this easier for both crawler and customer to understand and relate with the website.

  • Colour combination should be well maintained. A well designed website will be colour co- ordinated based on customer psycology and readabiiity.

  • Easy navigation should be facilitated. Moving from one page to another should be easier for the visitor. This increases conversion and loyal reader base.


Basic SEO tips fot small business websites in 2022
SSL Security Certificate

Security of a website is very important when it comes to SEO. A website with 'lock' sign or 'SSL Certificate' can assure the search engines and visitors that your website is secured.

Why SSL Certificate is important?

An SSL certificate keeps a websites' user data safe. the major purpose of SSL is to secure client-server communication. So that your customer can enter their cards and credentials without worry. SSL certification also prevents impersonation of your website by attackers.

If you are a website asking for personal information from your vistors like, email, phone number, address and card info etc. you must have an SSL certificate to secure the user data.

  • Sites without SSL certificate are labeled as 'NOT SECURE'.

  • Not having an SSL certificate is an open invitation to hackers to steal your website.

Simple On-Page Optimization

Basic SEO tips fot small business websites in 2022
On-page optimization

On-Page optimization

Search engine Optimization done inside the website is referred as On-page optimization. Adding meta title and meta description can be considered as basic on-page steps. Optimizing the titles of the website pages along with the description that viewers see below the page title when your website appear on search results are Meta Title and Meta description.

Basic seo for small business websites in 2022
On-page optimization basics - 2022

  • Accurate meta descriptions can help to improve the click-through rates along with relevant title tags.

  • Avoid driving traffic through black hat SEO. It will do more bad than good to your website.

Relevant Content

Basic SEO tips fot small business websites in 2022
Content Creation
Content is King.

Yes, it's true. Without genuine content no website can rank on search engine results. The content you offer must be relevant to the visitor's query. If your content answers a searchers' query in the best way, your website will be shown on top of the search results for the particular query.

The content can be in text, video, images, info-graphics or anything, it must be relevant. Optimizing content with relevant keywords can also help in ranking. Think from the searcher's perspective to write genuine content.

  • The search result should match the search query in all possible ways. The relevancy determines the ranking in SERPs.

  • Don't stuff keywords into your content, google is smart and will omit you from results sometimes, even you may get penalized.


Basic SEO tips fot small business websites in 2022

Backlinks are considered as an old SEO technique, still link juice passed on from authority websites always help in climbing the ranking ladder. Always check the spam score of the website from where you are creating backlink before linking them to your website. High spam score can adversely affect your website SEO.

  • Backlinks are an essential part of SEO, that helps in building your website's domain and page authorities, which directly contributes to search result ranking.

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A website that is not search engine optimized can suffer and wither away among the competition. Make use of these basic SEO tips for small business in 2022 to grow and conquer new heights. Never hesitate to reach out to an SEO expert in initial stages if you are unsure of the techniques to implement on your website. A well laid SEO foundation by an SEO expert would help you keep going