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Reasons why your ads aren't working on Google.

Your Google ads may not show at times. There are several common reasons it may be happening and troubleshooting the issue isn't too difficult since the platform walks you through the diagnosis process.

The reasons can be;

  • Disapproved Ads

  • Disapproved keywords.

  • Low search volume

  • Keyword bids exceed daily spent limit

  • Poor Ad scheduling

  • Negative bid adjustments

  • Billing information issue

  • Negative keywords

Disapproved Ads

  • Your ads will be disapproved if thread text does not adhere to Google's ad text policy.

  • You can manually check ad approvals in Google ads by clicking into the ads tab for your campaign and checking the status column.

Disapproved keywords

  • Google ads also review and approve your campaign keywords. Unapproved keywords can get your ads banned.

  • Google ads don't permit advertising products and websites related to firearms, drugs, cigarettes, pornography, alcohol, fireworks, and more.

Low search volume

  • Low search volume could be another reason your ads are not getting any impressions

  • You can check if your accounts' keywords have low search volume by clicking the keyword section and checking the status column.

Keyword bids exceed the daily spend limit.

  • Your keyword bids may be too high for your daily budget

For example, if your keyword's maximum cost-per-click is ₹400 and your daily budget is only ₹50 then Google will not show your ads.

  • To overcome the problem, just decrease your bids or increase your daily budget.

Poor Ad scheduling

  • Poorly planned ad scheduling can prevent your ads from being visible to your targeted audience and kill campaign performance

Negative Bid adjustments

  • Incorrectly placed bid adjustments might be another reason for the suffering of your campaign performance.

Billing information issue

  • Review your account billing information to confirm it is correct

( credit card number, expiration address, etc).

Negative keywords

  • Adding negative keywords to your campaign is a great idea to block undesired traffic, but you must be careful, especially when using broad match modified.

Running Google ads is an important part of digital marketing. Doing it in a proper way can bring much traffic and conversions.

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