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Productivity Hacks | 2020

Productivity is getting the stuff you want to do, done in as few steps as possible.

It’s about finding the shortcuts from A to B without picking up a whole host of things to do along the way. Entrepreneurs today are very much in need of a productive life.

Something is a priority because you have made it so. So, if after delegating tasks you still have a heap of urgent actions then consider whether they are urgent. I have noticed over the years that urgent tasks are very rarely urgent. They are a mix of:

  • Other people’s priorities dumped on you – making it your priority

  • Other people’s time management failures finding their way to your desk as urgent

  • Misunderstanding in deadlines

  • Overoptimism in setting deadlines

  • A mix of the above.

Here's how you decide what can be de-prioritized.

Go through all the tasks and projects you have and decide now which of the following categories they fall into.

CRITICAL (C) – If you don’t do this now, your life, job, bank balance will be in critical danger or peril. This is the stuff you keep on the list before you keep it on your list check and see if someone else can do it.

URGENT(U) – This is the stuff that has an imminent deadline. It's not necessarily important, but it is time-bound. Again, before it goes on your list, can someone else do it?

IMPORTANT(I) – These are tasks or projects that are important to complete, but not urgent. They might become urgent or even critical over time.

Go through your tasks and mark them with C, U or I.

It should then be the critical tasks you do first, then the urgent and then the important.

All other tasks which are assigned to you come after that.

No matter how much more fun they would be than the critical or urgent tasks to do.

Prioritizing tasks this way allows you to make the conscious decision to deprioritize something.

If it isn't critical, urgent or important then by default, it is deprioritized. I want to make this point – your actions will not always consist of critical or urgent tasks. You will get to do the things you have deprioritized. If you are constantly running critical or urgent tasks then you have too many critical or urgent tasks, and I'd have to ask – have you considered delegating them? If you have and it's a no. Then that leads us to elimination. Eliminate the tasks that are unnecessary.

Hope you would be using the information and come out as a productive genius. Let us know, how did your productivity hacking go, through the comments below.

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