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Ecommerce Product Photography: What to buy to do it yourself

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Product photography for an eCommerce store can be done at good quality on your own if you have the right system in place.

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Product Photography


1. Camera

2. Portable Studio. (For Small products)

3. Backdrops

4. Accessories.


At present, a good mobile phone is enough to do product photography to an extent. Decent product photos can be acquired by using most of the smartphone cameras as they come packed with an impressive aperture size and amazing image sensor. Some of the best in the market are mentioned here.

The iPhone 11 Pro. - Check the price at Amazon here

Google Pixel 4a. - Check the price at Amazon here

Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra. - Check the price at Amazon here

Samsung galaxy S10+. - Check the price at Amazon here

Beginners in product photography don't have to worry about a digital camera if you are fine with mobile photographs. The learning curve of a digital camera can affect your work and enthusiasm as a beginner. If you are keen on getting professional quality photographs and comfortable with investing in a camera, below are some options.

Portable Studio.

The Portable studio makes photography portable, and easier than ever. This studio is very handy when it comes to photography products like jewellery, small toys, cosmetics, etc.

1. Grizzly Portable studio Box.

  • Unique design, good quality and easy installation. Easy shooting: Press switch comes steady soft built-in illuminant, adjustable lighting, portable with highly bright shooting effect.

  • Collapses into a thin, portable, and durable portfolio case.

  • LED lights can be placed anywhere inside the box. The lights can be dimed or brightened as per requirements

2. Smiledrive Portable Professional Photo Lighting Booth

  • EASY TO SET UP, ASSEMBLE, DISASSEMBLE & CARRY: Use the metal rods, connect them with the knobs and make a metal cube structure. Cover it with the photo studio cover and zip it up. Connect the LED lights magnetic tips to the metal rods and you are ready to shoot the images. Just as easily you can disassemble the portable studio and carry it along in the carry bag.

  • Perfect for clicking product images like mobile accessory, jewellery, watches, ties, hand bags, wallets etc,

3. Osaka Portable Photo Studio

  • No complicated assembling, no rod, no connector, no tubes no glue no long time installation, the photo box folds into itself and can be carrying storage bag in which put adapter and other objects

  • Multiple opening and closing ways enable camera to choose any photo shooting position.

  • Brightness adjusting rotary knob adjusts brightness easily without extra setting.


Back Drops: Backdrops are ideal if you are a textile merchant or looking to shoot big products that require more space. It's also fine if you have a clean wall or cloth instead of backdrops. (Hard to keep it clean for a long time)

1. Coku Polyester Wrinkle Resistant Photography Backdrop Background Cloth for Photo Shoot.

  • Polyester Wrinkle Resistant , good vertical sense and durable.

  • Only the cloth, Stand must be bought separately.


  • 8x12 ft Background and Curtain Ring Hooks, perfect for television, video production and digital photography.

  • Rod pocket on each top edge allows to be draped or hung.

  • Finished along all edges to prevent tears.

Background Support Kit: This is important when it comes to backdrops. The backdrop support kit contains metallic stands that hold the backdrop in place and clips. These are available in different sizes as per requirement.

Prolite Background Support Kit.

  • Portable and Foldable Photography Backdrop Stand Kit suitable for holding Photography & Videography Backdrops

  • Non-slip Italian Flip locks, Adjustable Height & Width, Heavy Duty, Sturdy Make


Supporting accessories like mobile and camera tripods, Photographic backgrounds, extra lights for indoor photography, etc.

1. Tygot 13 inch Flexible Gorillapod Tripod with Mobile Attachment for DSLR, Action Cameras & Smartphones

Buy this tripod at Amazon

2. Eloies® Jaguar 3 Way Pan Head Photo Video Heavy Built Tripod for Mobile Phones and Cameras.

Buy this tripod at Amazon

3. Flat Lay Flatlay Tabletop Photography Backdrop Background for Food, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Small Product

Buy this table top backgrounds at Amazon

4. Simpex LED 180 with Build-in Battery. Portable LED Light

Buy the LED light at Amazon

Taking good quality and appealing product photos involve things more than the gear.

- Make sure the area you are photographing is clean. Any small silt or hair will be seen exaggerated in your photo.

- Try to give proper lighting focussed on the product to avoid huge editing hustle later.

- When it comes to e-commerce product photography, it's ideal you keep the same background for all products to please the customer's eyes. Uniformity generates trust.

- Try to put a system in place for taking photos to avoid getting bored or losing enthusiasm. If you can make it a habit, the work might not weigh you down.

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