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Overcome Procrastination Strategically Today.

Success comes from the task completion, from getting started on a job and completing it as soon as possible. Like all other habits, procrastination among adults is perhaps the number one reason for underachievement and failure in every area.

"Things may come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle". - Abraham Lincoln

In overcoming procrastination, you need to go to the extreme of immediate action, over and over, almost as a lifestyle, until procrastination is replaced with speedy task completion.

Everyone Procrastinates

As it happens, everyone procrastinates, just on different things. Top time managers procrastinate just as well as poor ones. But most productive people procrastinate on things of lowest value, on the bottom 80 percent of tasks that represent only 20 percent or less of results.

Average people procrastinate on 20 percent of activities that represent 80 percent of the value of everything they do. From now on, practice creative procrastination. Consciously decide that you will not do low-value activities until you have completed your high-value tasks.

What holds you back?

To overcome procrastination, you must identify the factors that can push you to procrastinate and think about how many of them actually apply to you. Here we are uncovering some generic causes of procrastination.

  • Lack of clarity

  • Lack of ambition

  • Lack of priorities

  • overload

  • Lack of preparation

  • Lack of energy

  • Lack of knowledge

  • Lack of self-discipline.

Lack of clarity:

If you are unclear or unsure about the most important thing to do, you will often end up doing things of low value or nothing at all. Fully 95 % of success in life comes from becoming absolutely clear about your top goals and the things that you can do, every minute to achieve them.

Lack of ambition:

How badly do you want it? If you do not have an intense burning desire or a big enough reason for starting and completing a task, you often never get started at all. You develop the disease of excusitis and continually assure yourself and others that you are going to get started on that big task soon.

Lack of priorities:

Because you have not planned out your task and organized it by sequence and priority, you are often unsure of what to do first. As a result, you do nothing at all.


Often, you have too many tasks or activities to do for the limited amount of time you have. As a result, you will just throw up your hands and tell yourself that you will do it tomorrow.

Lack of preparation:

You don't have everything you need at hand to start and complete the job. Very often, the act of bringing together all the materials you require actually helps launch you into the task.

Lack of energy:

You need eight to nine hours of sleep per night, combined with healthy nutritious foods, to be fully energized to do your best work. When you are physically tired or mentally burned out you lack the energy necessary to start and complete important tasks.

Lack of Knowledge:

If you have not learned everything you need to know about your job and you do not know what to do or how to do it, it is quite common to procrastinate until you get yourself going and keep yourself moving.

How many of these factors apply to you?

They probably apply to every person at one time or another. To reach the top of your field, you must see these factors as enemies, as obstacles that are blocking you from fulfilling your true potential.

Becoming Action-Oriented.

There are several tricks you can play on yourself to overcome procrastination and launch yourself into your most important task.

  • Make a checklist

  • Slice the task

  • Swiss cheese technique

  • Use the 20/80 rule.

  • Reward yourself

  • Promise others

  • Begin immediately.

  • Focus on each task.

Make a checklist:

You have heard that failure to plan is planning to fail. Make an orderly checklist of each task in a larger job, with a sequence from the first to the last task. The very act of having a track to run on dramatically reduces your tendency to procrastinate.

Slice the Task:

Slice of a small piece of the task, and complete that one activity. You don't have to do everything just do one small thing That would often be enough to get you going

Swiss cheese technique:

Punch a hole, like a hole in Swiss cheese, in your task, and resolve to work for five or ten straight minutes before stopping and doing something else. When you look at your task, pick one small part and emphatically "I will do this now"

Use the 20/80 rule:

Twenty percent of things you do account for 80 % of your results. Identify the 20 % of tasks that will account for 80% of your success in this project. Sometimes, the first 20% of tasks you do, like planning and organizing will account for 80% of the entire task.

Reward yourself:

Set up a schedule of rewards for starting, working on, and completing a particular job. Reward yourself with a stretch break for making ten customer calls, Reward yourself with a dinner out for hitting a numerical or financial goal.

Promise others:

Tell other people that you are going to complete a specific task by a specific time. When you know others are watching you and you have committed to doing a particular job on time, you will be much more motivated to get started, push through, and complete the job.

Begin immediately

Start working on a major task first thing each morning before checking your email, cell phone or messages.

Focus on each task:

Select your most important task, and start on it first thing, then work until that task is 100 % complete. This is called single-handling, one of the most powerful time management techniques ever developed.

You feel like a winner

When you complete a task, even a small task, you experience a rush of endorphins. You feel stimulated into starting on your next task so that you can once again enjoy that happy feeling of accomplishment. A productive lifestyle is always sure

In the final analysis, the very best reputation you can develop is one for speed and dependability.


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