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Go Online With Your Grocery Store In India (2021)

Be it anywhere in the world, you must be witnessing the digital revolution in action. As per the earlier studies in 2018 conducted by FMI and Nielsen , an online grocery shopping growth of 70% within 2024 was projected.

Amid lock-downs and the pandemic state of affairs, the Digital revolution has arrived early.

It's right time to go online with your grocery store in India if not late.

In every nook and corner of the world, you have a promising grocery market. Imagine hundreds of people shopping for groceries online to please their family’s appetite. Starting your business online in the right way can help you make huge profits.


Have a grocery store? Do you wish to widen your market to reach more households?

We come bearing basics to sell your grocery online. If you don't own a grocery store and still intend to sell online, stay tuned for an explicit guide to start a grocery store online from scratch.


Knowing 'who your customer would be' is predominant in every business. For a grocery business online in 2021 to be successful, it's vital to supply the products to customers without degradation in quality.

A Supply of quality products is necessary to build goodwill among the right customers.

It's good to know who your customers are, to reach them and serve them accordingly. Targeting apt customers for your range of products are smart & helps the right customers seeking your products to find it.

Decide your area of approach. Whether you wish to sell in your local area or intend to cover a larger one, must be decided in this step itself. You must have clarity about what, where and to whom you are doing business with.


Getting your business registered is the next step you have to cover. As an individual, it is better to start with a sole proprietorship firm or (if you have partners continue with LLP registration).

Yeah we know the huge elephant in the room, GST. It's not that huge an elephant if you get to know it better. GST Registration is not mandatory for a business unless you are selling outside your state or your turnover in a financial year exceeds Rs 20 lakhs.

You do not have to register a new company to extend it online. The local store registration that you have would suffice.

Ample inventory makes it to a good start. Keep an organized system in place to aid smooth operations. Have a system in place to manage inventory by keeping products labelled and categorised.

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It's imperative to have a storefront online for customers to come and see your products. Whether you choose Multi vendor Ecommerce platforms like Amazon , Flipkart or Snapdeal to be your product display source, or opt your own brand store.

There are positives and negatives about both the options. In business, decisions that add value to the core in long term are considered ideal.

Ecommerce giants like Amazon are viable options if you are in need of immediate customer attention on your products due to their grand traffic.

Competition on your product category on such platforms can kill your products if you do not stay up your marketing game.

The obvious key point most novice online entrepreneurs fail to notice is that not every product sells on Amazon unless you promote them well. Marketing with in the platform is highly competitive that it requires utmost attention.

For a stand alone grocery business, consumers are now allowed to order directly to the website or even an online ordering app directly linked to the grocery store’s website. If you prefer your own brand store - website :- order, delivery, and payment management can be done by you over a single dashboard or platform. This is perfect for a local store like yours to function smoothly on long term.

From a customer convenience perspective, besides, being quick to load, easy-to-use and mobile friendly, a smart, trust-able and efficient grocery website can be a part of their daily life.


Setting up an efficient delivery service for an online store is one of the key factors for it to succeed. If you are a selling through multi-vendor ecommerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart you can opt their wide spread shipping network or go for your local shipping partner.

Such platforms have policies in place to remove the vendor if his/her products are not performing well. It's always a good idea to create your own brand store as well.

Around 64% of consumers claim that poor delivery and damaged goods make them lose trust in the brand and service. Find a dependable logistics partner to tie up with or to hire delivery boys with motorbikes is a choice as well depending on the area you prefer to cover. By providing great customer service, you can grab the market’s attention for good.

Have the package picked up from your inventory by the shipping partner to deliver it to the consumer. Employ inventory management staff (or you can do it yourself) to pack the product upon order and keep note of the inventory. Make the process smooth and fluid to run without hindrance in long term.

As your delivery involves door-to-door service most preferable method will be Cash On Delivery (COD). Customers will get to know the quality and also a sense of loyalty and trust will be built towards your store and products.

Also when you keep COD as a primary mode of payment you don’t need to wait for the remittance from the payment gateway to end and will receive the payment on the same day itself if inside your area.

Credit/Debit card payment, Bank Transfer, can be set up with your payment gateway to receive the money to your account at minimal fees.

Shipping and delivery system in an ecommerce venture must be highly active and operational for the business to be a success.


A new business will not be fruitful if it is not marketed well let it be online or offline. While big players in the online grocery business like Amazon have the budgets to afford high profile celebrity campaigns on several media fronts, you don’t have to take the same route. You can opt to market your online grocery store using local avenues, which are equally effective like;

  • Social Media Ad campaigns

  • Local News Ads

  • Pamphlet distribution

  • Putting up banners and signage boards.

  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation,

  • Affiliate and Associate Programs,

  • Email Marketing,

  • Online Press Releases.

  • Social media & Google ads

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The process of going online with your grocery store in India is almost covered above. It is imperative to have relentless energy and elevated attitude honed to survive the bumps of entrepreneurship. Start your business, make the right choices, stick to your decisions, learn more about success all through the way.

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