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Promote Your Business On Instagram: Tips 2021

Updated: Jun 7

Instagram with it's more than a billion users, is an enticing place for marketers to promote their products. A business thrives more if they have a successful Instagram presence and community. If you don't have the same for your business, its time to think about starting one. Here are some tips on promoting your business on Instagram.

Focus on producing content: 

Create content (photos) relevant to your business. If you are a cloth manufacturer, click attractive pictures of different types of your products and post them. A good picture with a catchy caption is always appreciated on Instagram.

Be frequent:

The most important part where all the new bee Instagrammers struggle is at the commitment section. An Instagram profile becomes successful when it becomes a habit for the user. If you are posting daily on Instagram, keep at it! If you can only post once in 3 days, keep that pace.  Steady and frequent posting will result in the gradual growth of your business and Instagram profile.

Interact with people:

Instagram is a social media, the key concept included is engagement. Reply to all your comments on your photos. Interact with people through direct messages (DM)

Have a precise bio:

'Bio' explains a visitor about your business profile. Be as clear as possible about what your Instagram is about in the bio section of your profile. This helps the visitor to become your follower if they are interested in your business niche.

Proper usage of hashtags:

Small or big brands or businesses should create hashtags to encourage sharing and promotions. So that your customers should feel to use the hashtags on their personal feeds.

Eg: pepsiindia     #HarGhootMeinSwag

Use hashtags that are relevant to your post. Never keep posting the same group of hashtags that gave you some good results once. It will dormant the growth of the profile later.


Tag brands, followers and locations on your posts, whenever it's feasible. Tagging is a prominent way to promote your Instagram feed. By tagging a brand genuinely (that is if you have the brand being used in the post) there is a chance that the brand may even regram your post, thereby earning you more exposure.


Add Instagram look-books to your website. This is a perfect way to increase your conversion of sales from traffic. When a customer shares a look with your brand tag, wouldn't it be great if it appears on your website too by increasing the trust factor?


Utilize the reach-ability of Instagram stories and it's cool features regularly. They can bring immense change in your business profile