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How To Sell Jewellery Online? | Simple Steps 2022

Updated: Sep 21

Selling jewellery online is generally a simple and straightforward process. Yet it becomes a challenge for many. Building a business is an important thing. It takes one to be brave enough to face the uncertainties and grow the sapling to a fruit-bearing state.

Congratulations for thinking as you do, learning more, and developing your life in an independent way is commendable.

Editor's note: The post was originally published on Feb 10, 2021, and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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​Know Your Product


​Decide Your Platform.




Frequently Asked Questions On How To Sell Jewellery Online


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Doing a business is like cooking. Each cook gives the same dish a different taste. To find your footing and establish your jewellery business online, you must have clarity on the whole prospect of your business. We are aiding you here to build clarity through this article.

Start Your Online Store

Know Your Product.

Before starting your business, have a better understanding of the products you are selling and their market along with a solid business plan. Whether you make jewellery or source them, now is a rewarding time to sell jewels online. People are more interested in supporting small businesses than corporate companies.

Go through the list of possible platforms where your ideal customers can be found. Create an idea of what sort of people would be interested in your niche of products( eg; Teens, employees, etc).

Knowing your customer's choices will help you design and assort the pieces on point.

Points To Remember : 1. Have Knowledge Of Your Products. 2. Have An Understanding Of Ideal Customers.

Decide Your Platform.

There are multiple ways through which you can sell your jewellery online. Where to sell your products solely depends on how you would like to portray your business to the world. We will walk you through several attributes of multiple platforms.

Ecommerce Market Places - (eg: Amazon)

Social Media (eg: Facebook, Instagram)

Your Own Web Store. ( A dedicated independent online store Built For Your Company.)

Ecommerce marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, etc can give instant results as they are immensely popular and you won't have to set up an online store to sell your products. The drawback is that you will be one among the many jewellery sellers on the platform with huge competition. You also won't have much control over your branding on the platform along with transaction charges or listing charges.

Be sure to choose the trending jewellery designs that people would like to buy to attain success in your online jewellery venture.

Social media has strong sales potential if you are patient enough to build a community on these platforms. The time required on a daily basis to manage an unprofessional/informal environment can be a put-down factor. Social media stores like Facebook stores & Instagram shops are popular among sellers without branding interest. The setup though can pull immense traffic and thus sales. The fact that there is no investment is also a highlight.

Website Store: You can call it starting your own eCommerce website, the right professional way of doing online business with authority. You have a free hand in design and branding. Starting an online store is easy with eCommerce facilitators like Wix, woo-commerce, Shopify, or a one-stop solution of hiring a designer to create your professional online store.

There is a huge misconception among people, that hiring a designer to build your eCommerce store is costly. Many reasonable design firms are available in the market.

A professional website can convert more orders than an amateur one. The process of setting up an online store can be tiresome if you do all the work yourself and still lack in many expert areas. Hiring a designer removes that challenge as well. Though slow a steady, independent brand and revenue can be built using your own online store.

A better scenario would be using all the above three together to attain maximum results.

eCommerce market places like Amazon, eBay, etsy etc + Multiple social media platforms to drive traffic + Your own eCommerce website ---> Optimum Results

Once the platform decision has been made, the product uploads can be done. Clearly photographed jewellery products can be uploaded to your website, eCommerce platforms, and social media.

Shipping facilitation must be done with the most profitable and competent logistic companies to deliver the products without facing any difficulties.


Marketing is the next key factor for an eCommerce Business to be successful. Letting people know about your products and website is as important as creating your store online.

Digital Marketing has to be done through multiple channels to achieve the desired results. Social Media Marketing can also play a crucial role in converting jewellery sales.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Sell Jewellery Online

Where can I sell my jewellery online?

Selling jewellery online is a lucrative business. There are marketplaces that facilitate sellers to sign up and sell jewellery online. Some of them are, Etsy, eBay, Amazon & Bonanza. Try any of these as per your requirements. Setting up your own website to sell jewellery is also a long-term option.

Is selling jewelry online profitable?

Yes, indeed. Jewellery is known to yield 25% to 80% of profits based on the value of the product. As the demand for jewellery rarely goes down, it is always a safe business to enter into as well. So selling jewelry online is profitable.

Where to sell handmade jewellery online?

Though we are living in a machine-run world, handmade merchandise is a luxury most people cherish. You can sell your handmade merchandise by setting up an online store or through

you can always start your own website to sell handmade jewellery online. Know more.

How I can start online jewellery selling on Whatsapp?

  • Find vendors who provide jewellery for resellers from Facebook groups, Instagram or Google.

  • Get signed up for their daily updates through Whatsapp. Be sure to check the reviews about the vendors online.

  • Share their updates to your customer group or broadcast the list you have created on Whatsapp(At first you can add your friends, family, and acquaintances to the group).

  • When some of your group members want to purchase products from the updates, check the availability of the product with the vendor and confirm the order with the client/group member.

  • Take money from the client by adding your margin and pay the vendor. Provide the address of the client to the vendor to drop-ship the product by keeping your business name on the From address.

  • Transparency, cordial dealing, and good reviews will grow the business on the go. When the business outgrows Whatsapp, create an e-commerce website and start the next phase of business.

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Now that you have a basic idea of how to sell jewellery online, we wish you a successful endeavor ahead. Feel free to ask your questions about the same in the comment section below.