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How to decrease the bounce rate of an e-commerce website?

A bounce rate above 50% is found to be no good for websites. So as to reduce the bounce rate in an e-commerce website, certain measures can be taken. If the below steps are implemented wisely, can lead to fruition.

Fast loading speed

  • The website that loads faster is indexed highly by Google and appears in Google's top search results.

  • Optimizing the images and using the readable font are some of the measures that would help the pages to load faster.

Focus on the size of the search bar.

  • One should always make a search bar with an average character length of 27.

  • The search boxes must be dynamic in nature, that is the box elongates as the user starts typing the query.

Responsive design

  • Switching to responsive web design will help you cater to a wide range of markets and increase conversions.

  • Track the number of mobile and desktop visitors from google analytics to check and work accordingly.

Managing modal boxes.

  • Pop-ups and dialogue boxes appearing frequently on the webpage can make the user frustrated. This in turn results in users leaving the site, thereby increasing the bounce rate.

Display special deals

  • Make sure you mention the top discounts and deals on the top of the landing page.

  • Limited time offers can help you to engage visitors and likely lead them to purchase.

  • Running contests relevant to the shopping niche can also help in increasing traffic and conversions.

Online Help

  • Online live chatting windows can help in controlling the high bounce rate.

  • You can provide help and support to the visitors through live chat and convince them to make purchases.


  • The call-to-action buttons are an essential part of an e-commerce store.

  • The CTA must provide all the contact details such that the visitor can contact and seek your assistance in case of need.

Managing an e-commerce website is relentless in many ways. Still taking things with clarity and acting on each step with conviction can ease the journey. E-commerce is the future, getting hold of the idea now would be beneficial in the future for sure.

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