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Home business ideas

Starting a business? Uh! Quite a mountainous task right? Finding a space, commuting an office, strategic development of the venture so on. Still, businesses are worth the pain as they can make you independent and self-reliant. What if your business can come home? No hustle, no trouble just start, run and earn!. Sounds good right! A home business is an answer. Many of us are discovering ways to use remote work to pursue their endeavours. In a home-based business, the base station is definitely your home, from where you operate. With the technology we have today, your living or study room can be the prospected office. A computer with an internet connection is all the infrastructure it requires if you don't have a stock to maintain.

Home-based business, Is it for you?

A business from home can be a passive income or a full-fledged enterprise, that you run from the comfort of your home. In case of any inventory, you can use the very own home storage as well. Nothing quizzical here, the world is already moving from brick and mortar stuck up offices to comfy & workable home premises.

Every prospect has both sides in the form of pros and cons. Let's try to shed some light to the area.


  • The investment for a home-based business is comparatively less.

  • Ability to scale up and scale down quickly.

  • Flexible working hours.

  • Room for experimentation is high as the risk of affecting investment is low.

  • Family can be a part of the business.


  • Difficulty in keeping family life and work separately.

  • Health might get affected due to untimely working hours.

  • Your business might outgrow your home and then, you may have to commute an office space.

Home business ideas that you can start today

  1. Sell homemade products online

  2. Buy products in bulk and sell online

  3. Be a blogger

  4. Teach online

  5. Make custom jewellery and sell online

  6. Become a life coach

  7. Start a dropshipping store

  8. Offer online services

1. Sell homemade products online

Home - made products are always on demand. Starting an online store to supply your home baked cookies can be a perfect home based business. Starting an online store provides the advantage of reaching millions of more potential customers if marketed properly. Wise would understand the opportunity and dive in. 

2. Buy products in bulk and sell online.

Anyone with determination can do this business from home. No matter if you are a student, unemployed, house wife or in need of an extra source of income. Just find the product you want to sell. Invest a small amount in  inventory, set up your online store and market them throughout the world. 

3. Be a blogger.

Blogging is a huge part of online market revenue with more than 1.5 billion blogs through out the world. Millions of people make good living through blogging. To know more, click here.

4. Teach online

Online tutoring is big fat business with high scalability potential. Just start selling your tutorial videos through an online store. Marketing is always a part of success which we will be discussing soon

5. Make custom jewellery and sell online

If you are a jewellery maker, display your master creations on your online store to get new range of loyal customers interested in your products. An e-commerce store for jewellery is prone to succeed more in current market. 

6. Become a life coach

   The more social norms are getting complicated, the more people require guidance in achieving goals in their life. A life coach can help entrepreneurs to achieve success, lost souls to find happiness find piece and many more. If you are a skilled life expert, try to help more people through your own online courses. By getting a website for your venture would be an awesome start.

7. Start an online drop shipping store

Now a days, Drop shipping is quite popular among many online entrepreneurs. The ease of not keeping an inventory and no hustle of dispatch of the product makes it the easiest and risk free model of online business. Your drop shipping store displays products of the supplier to the customers. As the customer places an order, the supplier dispatches the product to the customer in your brand name. Your profit is the margin you add to the cost of the product. 

8. Offer online services.

 Online services such as, digital marketing, music classes, booking services, online games, virtual assistant can make a good source of income.

How Protonike helps you in creating your dream business?

Starting a business is an auspicious deal in everyone's life. Though the measures to get it up and running takes quite the effort. Now online being the play area, the requisites to set up an online business demands technical expertise. Many among us are not comfortable in tweaking the tech part themselves.  We at Protonike ensure you get a website that is usable and productive. We deal with all the technical monsters and you get the website ready to earn. Protonike is a helping hand to lift you up towards your dream. 

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