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Google Shopping Ads Strategies for eCommerce 2021.

Updated: Jun 7

Google shopping ads are one of the most popular ways to drive sales and revenue for any product in 2021. Google has improved google shopping for consumers while releasing new tools, ad formats, and more to help you reach your audience across all of google's properties. While shopping ads are easy to set up, they can be challenging to master if you don't have the right strategy in place.

Getting your descriptions right

  • It's wise to do some research on the use of keywords and popular search terms. Also, look at what other sellers are doing to attract customers.

Creating a title that works.

  • Your title should be punchy, concise, and relevant to the product and search.

  • Use keyword research and analytics to make your titles jump off the page and ensure the customer knows that you have got what they want.

Outshining the competition.

  • You still have to beat other sellers to make your business successful.

  • Think about what would make you click on one advert over another.

Setting your price point.

  • Keep checking your prices in relation to others and keep an eye on your click to conversion rate.

Linking to your landing page.

Make sure your landing pages look the part and they enable consumers to add the item to their basket for the advertised price in a matter of seconds.

Getting your timing right.

  • Do some research into consumer habits and identify to times when people are online doing their shopping.

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