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Get Your Work-Life Organised Today

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Do you know that an average person will spend a year of their life just looking for misplaced or lost

items? In addition, on average we spend around 5 to 6 minutes in the morning looking for our keys. Furthermore, are you aware that when you work on a messy desk, you spend on average 1 ½ hours every day being distracted by things; thus, out of sight out of mind & vice versa. This goes to show that being organized is very important if you want to manage your time well. Therefore, no matter how good a time manager you are, if your organizational skills are lacking, you’ll never have enough time to complete tasks & achieve your goals. Those 30 minutes you spend searching for a document counts.

Apart from stealing your time away, disorganization is also very costly. It could drastically affect your productivity & negatively influence your physical & mental health. For instance, most people simply have a hard time concentrating on something if they’re unable to find something they really wanted. Therefore, organization is especially important at helping you remain in control of your time all through the day. Here are a few tips that’ll help you with organization:

Use a Pocket Notebook to Capture Thoughts:

Get a portable notebook where you can write down your thoughts throughout the day as you work. Also, disorganization of the mind is a very serious thing that most people ignore. It wastes your mental energy! If your thoughts are here & there, your actions will be disorganized as well. Get a notebook & use it to organize your thoughts daily.

Spend Brief Time Every Day Organizing:

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Organise daily.

15 minutes is a reasonable time you should dedicate to preparing your To-do list & getting a solid grasp of what your day is going to look like. Doing this every day will save you time, the in-between tasks time you spend trying to figure things out.

Clear Your Table:

It’s common for your desktop/work station to clutter as you work during the day; while this may be, clutter is very distracting. Sometimes, you cannot see the effect it has on you because often, the effects of clutter are mental. Always keep your desktop/work station clean, clear, & free. Don’t use it as a storage space; instead, use the drawers or get a box or other storage solutions for your files & other important work materials. Every morning before you start working for the day, clear out your desk.

Create an Action Area on Your Desk:

Before you start any task, whip out everything you need to complete the task & place them on a designated area of your desk. After completing each task, get rid of the item related to it. This will really make it easy to have access to all the resources you need to complete tasks without interruptions.

Create An Effective Filing System:

If you don’t already have a filling system, create one. Create files for all your documents & use storage boxes for all your tools. This makes it easy to access the items you need. If you don’t like having too much paper, you could digitalize your documents by scanning them & storing them on electronic devices. Organization is very important; devote time to getting organized. Not doing so could cost you a lot of money, time, well-being, productivity & of course, career or personal advancement.

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