The Economy In India after the Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. It also has a growing impact on the economy in India. With these facts, arises some inevitable questions.

When can we expect COVID-19 to kneel?

What would be the economy in India once it succumbs?

Would there be Progression?, Stagnation?


Depression? or

Great depression?

Only time will tell!

Depression has hit India by December 2019. The economic conditions were coming down at pace. GDP growth accounted to be the lowest in six years and the fiscal deficit was not in control. It is evident the newfound pandemic is tearing up the economy beyond imagination.

It's expected that after the fifth stage, the COVID-19 spree would come to an end. Just the way China has rebounded, we can expect all nations to bounce back. Although the economic conditions after that can be anything.

In this scenario, there can be three possible economic curves;

1. V-shaped economic curve :