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5 Self-Discipline Tricks To Achieve Business Success.

Keeping your head in the game is crucial in the case of business to succeed. Self-control is the key to self-discipline. Productivity and Time management scenarios are hyped in an ostentatious way by the current business generation. Both the factors are important but many seem to fail in achieving them.

Self-discipline is attainable for everyone when it's practiced step by step.

Approaching the problem in a simplistic way can help climbing the ladder for better performance and business success. Some of the psychological tricks and practices to ease these stages of success are here.

  1. Replacement Activities

  2. Stress Control

  3. Support System

  4. Health

  5. Hot & Cool System

Replacement Activities:


The Practice of resisting temptation is important to gain control over habits, productivity and lifestyle. Training your brain to resist temptations is the hard part. Replacing your time-consuming and tempting habits with beneficial habits. For example, You have the habit of scrolling through social media without when you are down. Replace the tempting activity with doing exercise or reading a book etc. So whenever you feel like scrolling through social media, you do your pre-selected replacement activity. This way you gain self-control and use replacement activities as a psychological measure to eliminate the habits that are keeping you from success.

Stress Control: Stress is one of the common reasons for people to lose self-control. When you are stressed, you are likely to make reckless and impulsive decisions. Regulating stress can evidently favor self-control. It's ideal to engage in stress-relieving activities like Meditation & Yoga. Such practices can reduce stress levels and let you make quality decisions and clear mind.

Support System: A support system can be your aiding surroundings or people who support you, like family. Surround yourself with people who believe in your abilities and want you to succeed. Negative criticism and a jealous environment can sabotage your attempt to gain self-discipline.


Health: While fighting the battle to achieve self-discipline, it's often seen that people omit the obvious factor of achieving it. Self-discipline cannot be achieved without attaining it in all aspects. Health is a prominent factor that determines the well-being of your mind. Studies have proved that people who have a low level of glucose struggle to attain self-control. Each time you exert your will to attain control, glucose in your body depletes. Getting proper sleep and eating quality food with enough exercise can be game-changers.

Hot & Cool system: When your mind is hot and is high on emotions, it cannot think with clarity and results in reckless and impulsive decisions. A Cool mind can think slow and weigh the options to make sensible and logical decisions. A hot mind is the biggest obstacle for most people in achieving self-control and self-discipline as they get emotional and impulses (like stress, anger, glee, and so on) take over. The Hot system is not persistent though. If you can resist the impulses and emotions for the first few minutes, the cool system will take over and guide you through the possible right path by improving your determination and decision-making ability. To get control over life and make smart, educated decisions, it's always good to be level-headed. This applies prominently to shopaholics and most who lack self-control. Before hitting that Buy Now button in a hurry give yourself a think-through time of 2 to 24 hours. After coming back if you still feel like hitting it, go on or you may think the purchase is not so smart to pursue.

Achieving success is not a single shot, one must go through many steps to achieve success in business or life. Self-discipline helps in keeping your vision and goal alive. With proper planning, teamwork and brainstorming you move forward. Having a strategy that can be analysed from time to time is important.

If you are consistent in implementation and committed to the goal, Success is inevitable. Flex your self-control muscles daily to build up strength for the long run.

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