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12 Straightforward Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website For Free

Updated: Apr 21

Web traffic is every website owner's dream. Here we are looking into 12 straightforward ways to drive traffic to your website for free in a simple and straightforward way. Try this one by one persistently and success will be a sure outcome. None of the methods described below are one-shot pills. These methods have to be applied and met with sheer perseverance to reap success.

Editor's note: The post was originally published on July 18, 2021, and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

1. Social Media
2. UGC websites and other blogs
3. Grow your email list
4. Create case studies
5. Promote a flash or limited time offer  and freebies
6. Write a guest post
7. Start a podcast
8. Publish an eBook for free or guide on amazon
9. Host a free course
10. Do collaborate and host giveaways
11. Create a referral program
12. Get Testimonials

How to bring traffic to your website?

1. Social Media


Facebook Page: Create a Facebook page dedicated to your website and keep communicating with your readers or customers through microblogs or product shares. Do add a link to your website on the page. Share your blog posts on the Facebook page. Having a dedicated social media page on Facebook can help in accumulating readers.

Facebook Groups: Join the Facebook groups in your relevant niche and interact with people of the same stream. Learn from each other's experiences thereby increasing the traffic to your website. Creating a Facebook group of your own can also be ideal for the long run. For instant results, it's better to join an established group.

Facebook Live: It's easy to understand why live streaming on Facebook brings in more audience. Live is closest to seeing a person or scenario in real. In the virtual world, everything that's 'real' holds value. Facebook live delivers your message to people who follow you, effectively without much cost. Establishing a deeper connection with your audience is also a big one.


Pinterest allows its users to add images and videos into personal collections known as boards.

A group board is similar to a regular board, except that the owner can invite collaborators to pin on their board. It can be tough to make connections on Pinterest, but group boards bring together a group of people with the same interests. This makes it easier to start conversations and establish relationships with fellow Pinteresters. Thereby increasing views on your Pinterest profile and your website.


Starting a YouTube channel is an efficient way to connect with your audience. The more quality content you create and invite people in, the more they would be loyal to you, increasing your traffic and conversions. Anyone can start a YouTube channel, what makes you different is the way you are connecting with your audience. Feed them well with what they need, related to your niche and you are booming.

Social media comments

Social media is all about engagement. If you are not a person to engage with fellow socials through comments, likes or messages, you are not an apt candidate for social media. How can you expect others to like, share and follow you when you are not ready to do it for them?

2. UGC websites and other blogs

Submit your blog posts to UGC sites

Reddit and Medium are content monsters and topmost UGC(User Generated Content) sites when it comes to the Internet. It can be otherwise considered a bloggers paradise. Both the platforms are unique and known to have given a good boost to quality content. By submitting your content to both Reddit & Medium you are inviting quality traffic to your website. The majority of the users in both the platforms are with more PPP (Purchase Power Parity) thereby increasing your conversion rate. Sharing your blogs is a good way to go.

Comment on others' blogs

The potential of blogs is mostly underestimated by business websites. Blogging about your niche consistently can boost your traffic and attract potential clients. While doing that it's imperative to read other blogs in your niche and interact with them through comments. This practice will help in filtering the traffic to your niche alone.

Answer questions on Quora

Quora is an amazing source of the traffic to blogs and websites. It is an online community where people ask questions and gets answers from worldwide. Answer the questions in your niche and get relevant traffic flowing onto your website.

3. Grow your email list.

You can see almost every website taking emails from their subscribers and visitors, most of them don't use the gold mine. Email marketing is still a golden goose in the world of digital marketing. Creating a perfect email campaign can always benefit your website. Make sure you don't spam them. Everything in moderation keeps the balance. Bring relevant traffic to your website through email marketing

4. Create case studies

Case studies are always shared and used as a reference in a similar arena. Share the case studies Indeed case studies can bring high-quality traffic to your website.

Now How to write a case study?

Case studies have a generic format to follow;

  1. Introduction: Provide an excerpt of the full story.

  2. Challenge: Address the primary issue.

  3. Solution: Define the product or service being used to solve the challenge.

  4. Benefit: What advantages the product or service has.

  5. Result: Describe the outcome of the whole process.

Follow the above format and write about your customers' case study or write about any inspiring entities. Don't forget to get approval from your client before writing about them.

5. Promote a flash or limited time offer and freebies

This is a world that runs on offers. If you can run a limited-time offer on your blog or website, it will create a sense of urgency in people which results in conversion. The method is more relevant in converting leads.

Freebies are an attractive way of pulling the interest of a crowd. If you can afford to give some information or stuff free of cost to your visitors, you'll see a relative increase in the number of visitors to your site. Keep in mind that the freebie that you are offering must be of some value to the readers or potential customers.

6. Write a guest post

Be a guest writer on other successful websites and blogs. Give your website details in the introductory section of the blog. This actually works if you can reach out to good blogs or websites in a similar niche. Why we are always mentioning similar niches? It's just that, a similar niche will have an audience with similar interests. So most of the audience would be interested to check your website out increasing your website traffic.

7. Start a podcast

Podcasting is a great online marketing tool to promote a new product/service. This service helps you keep in touch with your customers and distribute news. Podcasts are still in the growth stage, if you start now, you can reap their value when it grows. Podcasts can be considered as one of the 12 straightforward ways to drive traffic to your website for free without any doubt as it is still in the budding stage.

8. Publish an eBook or guide on amazon for free

Publishing free ebooks rich with good content will bring people who are looking for information to your website. You can also self-publish a free guide on amazon for people to read and enjoy. Link the details of your website on the guide so that people who download and read your guide will pay a visit to your website as well.

9. Host a free course

Nowadays, everybody is learning something online. Jump on the wagon and provide something for seekers to learn. Be sure to make it easily accessible and free of cost. Be it a course or free training on your niche, If people find it useful, more traffic to your website is assured.

10. Do collaborate and host giveaways

Collaboration or Joint ventures are new norms for businesses online and offline. Joining the strengths of two or more entities will always bring a powerful impact. Here in our case collaboration will share the audience between the entities by increasing the traffic of all the businesses involved.

Who doesn't want gifts? Show some love to your audience and host a giveaway. More people will flood into your website in reciprocation. This indeed is a tactic being used by many social media influencers and some businesses. The news is IT WORKS!

11. Create a referral program

Starting a referral program will help you well if you are adding any incentives on referrals. For example, Protonike has a referral program in which the people who bring customers get a 10% commission on the plan the customer opts for. A little incentive will always boost morale. Get ready with your referral program today.

12. Get Testimonials

Testimonials are what build the trust of the audience in your brand or venture. Having good testimonials on your website is very much important as giving good customer service. Reach out to your customers and ask them to give feedback about your product or service. It's a simple and straightforward way to gain true traffic and leads.

Footnote: Yeah that's pretty much all folks. 12 ways to drive traffic to your website for free. Hope you all will try it and share the results here in the comments. Reach us through comments or chat for any related queries.